Thunder Bear Flutes


 I have been making flutes for over 26 years . It all started the first time i heard the wonderful sound from the flute someone was playing  at a powwow. He let me look at the flute and i thought to myself i think i could make one of those so i went home and set up my 6 x 7 back 
porch with a bench and a wood vice went to some flea markets and bought a small block plane and and a larger carving gouge  and  asked my father if i could use my grandfather's draw knife and from that back porch is where it all started . After making my first flute i was hooked i just kept making them and giving them away I gave many flutes away and one day someone said to me hey i will give you 20 bucks for that flute and I said sure and went out and bought more wood to make more flutes. Soon more people offered to give me 20 dollars for my flutes that I made and i just kept getting busier making flutes. One day a friend asked me how long does it take you to make a flute i old him i don't know around 15 to 20 hours. He said why are you making them then you are not make any money and i told him i love making them it is a passion. I find myself amazed at the beautiful sound that comes from this once was a stick or a piece of wood that i have turned it into a musical instrument . As time went on and i started to get wiser i started to take my flutes to shows and selling them and soon i found myself moving from a hobby to a business and I still love making them today but i am using power tools now.I hope this has helped you get to know me a little better .I want to thank all my clients without you I would not be able to do what I love