Thunder Bear Flutes

Flute Care 

Caring for your Thunder Bear Flute 

While playing you flute and when finished playing , removing moisture form your flute is very important to the continued health of you flute.
cracking is most often caused by humidity-induced stresses in the wood that occur when the inside of the flute is wet and the outside is dry. DO not let your flute get soggy on the inside even though i do coate the inside of the flute with a finish condensation could penetrate throughwhen playing fling your flute out about every 10- 15 minutes. if your flute gets soggy, stop playing and let it dry. No wood blown instrument should be played more then t hours per day. After playing your flute an exceptionally long period of time , remove the block and let air dry but first fling your flute . to fling your flute ,remove the blck grab your flute opposite the mouthpiece and make jerky up and down movements. This will ling the moisture out of the mouthpiece ( Best to do this in an area where you do not care were the spite lands ) Then with a piece of cotton material swab out the inside of your flute .

oil you flute 
 Exterior: this is totally up to you if the exterior appears dry or dull apply a light coat of of Clapham's Beeswax salad bowl finish
let the flute set over night and lightly buff the next day. Climate change 
 Do not expose you flute to sudden extreme temperature or climate change ( heat ,cold ,wet, dry ) Wood can be very sensitive to the elements .under normal use you flute will not crack; however pay attention not to subject the wood to quick temperature and climate changes always warm you flute before playing in , a cold instrument will condense you warm breath faster than a warmer one.
A cold flute instrument being played warmed by playing will also be unstable in pitch while warming. warm the flute slowly by
holding it in your hands or under your arm. Playing a flute out doors on a cold day is never recommended the hot breath passing through the wood will make to drastit of a change in temperature in too short of time resulting in sudden contraction of the wood - instant crack! Avoid Storing your flute in Drafts 

 Avoid storing your flute in drafts

 The moving air originating from an open window ,electric fan or air-conditioner will quickly dry out your flute and increase the risk of cracking.

 do not let lipstick or ink in contact with your flute. wood is very absorbent a permanent may result if a flute is used by a player wearing lipstick . Ink from a fountain pen or ball-point pin will also leave a permanent  marks on a flute.