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Our templates use an external cascading style sheet (CSS) which controls the cell properties, font sizes, and more. Knowledge of CSS is not required to use this FrontPage template. This template is designed to be used with Front Page 2002 - 2003. The links in the side margin will not appear correctly in your "Design" mode. They will automatically line up in the "Preview" mode.

Isn't it time great looking templates don't have to be hard to work with?

This template requires a graphics program to change the "Your  Name Here." Use your graphics program to add your name, or send us what you'd like to appear, and we'll add it for you at no charge within the first 30 days of purchase.

Navigation? It's a snap...

All you do is to open the "includes" folder, then open the appropriate page. Then you just add your links as you'd like them to appear. Include pages give you lots of control over where you want your navigation and which pages you'd like to appear.

Flexibility, we offer it!

The great thing about this template is the flexibility it offers! There are plenty of places to put your own information in. You can decide which layout is perfect for you, and use that layout for your entire web, or for specific pages. You get two different layouts with this template.

You Decide...

Decide which pages in this web template you want to use and which ones you do not need. You can easily rename pages instead of deleting them. You can also create new pages by copying the "new" page or any other page contained in the template. Don't forget to add them to your navigation.


These are the heading colors and sizes that are defined in this template:

Heading 1 - Light Green

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

You have many choices on heading colors and sizes!

Image Credits:

The royalty free images used in this template are legally licensed for use with this template only. Please check the information page of the template for the image source and item number. If you wish to use these images in other marketing materials, you MUST go to the image source and purchase the rights to use the images. Templates in Time does not own nor copyright the images, unless otherwise noted. The photo stock company retains full copyright of their images used in this template.

Main Image 1: Templates in Time
Main Image 2: Templates in Time
Main Image 3: Clipart.com  #1768774
Main Image 4: Clipart.com #1751350
Main Image 5: Templates in Time

Product Small Images:
Image 1: #7553047
Image 2: #1753352
Image 3: #724314
Image 4: #14539609
Image 5: #

Image 6: Clipart.com #16015939
Image 7 & Contact Information: Clipart.com #10036555

Gallery 1: Templates in Time
Gallery 2: Templates in Time
Gallery 3: Templates in Time

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