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About the Artist

I am dedicated to the making of hand crafted, Native American Style Flutes, and devote myself to perfecting their performance and the woodwind flutes artistic value.

As you browse through my web pages you will see my hand made wood flutes they originated in North America and are made to the style of Native American flute I haven't any known Native ancestry and the Native American style flutes that I make should not be mistaken for North American Indian made art.

I take great pride in hand making my flutes from Eastern Red Cedar to exotic woods. I've worked with wood for 25 years and have a deep appreciation for it. I've been making flutes for over 15 years. My flutes are hand-crafted one at a time and with the help of the Creator become premiere flutes. These flutes have a lot of volume with clear tones. The 6 hole flutes are tuned to pentatonic tuning 1 & 4 mode with a high quality chromatic tuner. Further, the flutes are concert tuned so they may be played with other instruments and for recording. I burn the holes in my flutes very slowly and check tuning often so to assure perfect tuning. These Native American style flutes are recording quality flutes.

Please do not let the price of these flutes fool you!

I started making the wonderful Style of Native American Flute after the first time I heard one. I fell in love with it's sound; but I could not afford to purchase one. So when I returned home, I bought some wood and began making my first flute. To my surprise, making a good flute with the sound quality I had heard was taking me much longer than first realized. After making a few flutes with trials and errors I realized I had to do some research and learn how to make a good sounding flute. I read some books by Lew Paxton Price which helped me understand the mathematics of the flute, which allowed me to create a nice sounding flute. From then on, I have and continue to improve and enhance my flute making skills like all other good flute makers do.

Since I was unable to afford the first flute I saw, I promised myself to keep my prices reasonable in hopes that anyone who would like a nice high quality Native American style flute would be able to purchase one. (Please know, I am not saying that other flute makers are over-charging anyone; their flutes are well-worth the fees they are asking. I merely wish to explain why my prices are what they are).

I make 6 hole flutes but will create a 5 hole flute on request.


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