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            All flutes on this page are sold this page is so you can look at some of the

                                           at some of the flute I have made   

                                Cedar and Birdseye maple with art work  key of E





Bloodwood Key of G

Bocote key of G

Butternut key of G

Cedar (Buffalo made from Rosewood) - Key of F#

Cocobolo key ofG

Curly Maple with Zebra Wood Tips

Lace wood Key of G

Paduka Key of E

Quilted Maple Key of F#

Rosewood Key of F#

Rosewood & Ambrosia - Key of F

Walnut & Cherry key of G

Cedar with purple heart inlay key of F#

Rare Curly Cedar key low D

Canary wood

Cherry Drown

Thanks for looking

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