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Basic Flute & Sound Samples


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BASIC Flutes:  At this time the basic flute comes in 16 keys and is made of select Eastern Red Cedar and features a different type of wood for the block. All my flutes are handcrafted, so no two will look alike.

Middle High B     Middle High C

Middle A#     Middle A      Middle G#     Middle G

Middle F#      Middle F

Low E     Low D

Low C#            low C           Low B                           

HIGH Flutes: High flutes are also easy to play, are about 12 inches long and have a very loud clear voice. These flutes may be used to accompany other flutes or played by themselves. Either way they sound great! The G# and A can be played to mimic the sound of an eagle by closing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hole and blowing short quick breaths.









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