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Why Buy a Basic Flute?

  • One reason to buy a BASIC FLUTE...basic flutes are relatively inexpensive, yet sound great! Our basic "A to G" is around  19" 24" long and is a very nice first flute for children or adults with small hands.

  • Another reason you might choose a basic flute...light, versatile, and easy to transport. Some folks prefer a flute they can carry in a backpack when hiking.

 New decretive knurled rings 5.00 per ring at this time I only offer Red ,Blue, teal and black more colors coming soon ,knurling designs may be different on any flute


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BASIC Flutes:  At this time the basic flute comes in 16 keys and is made of select Eastern Red Cedar and features a cedar or a different type of wood for the block. As you can see all my basic flutes have burnt rings with out an extra charge. All my flutes are handcrafted, so no two will look exactly alike. If for some reason you would not want burnt rings please send me and email or call and let me know when ordering

Middle High B     Middle High C

Middle A#     Middle A      Middle G#     Middle GMiddle F#

      Middle FLow ELow D
Low C#         low C        Low B                          

low ALow G

HIGH Flutes: High flutes are also easy to play, are about 12 inches long and have a very loud clear voice. These flutes may be used to accompany other flutes or played by themselves. Either way they sound great! The G#, A and G you can make birds sounds very well.

A G#



Flute Prices

If you are ordering a flute from other than the U.S. please email me to get a shipping Quote thanks

Basic Flutes Middle keys   
Basic low and Basic side blown flutes

High Basic Flutes
Knurling designs


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